What are the Best Locations in Arizona for a Family Portrait Photo Session?

Phoenix, Arizona, is loaded with picturesque deserts, cityscapes and hidden haunts. And they all are the best to get a professional family portrait shoot done. When you hire a professional photographer for the same, you can discuss a list of locations you can go to for conducting a session. But sometimes, because the elderly cannot travel too far, our team and a mobile studio that comes to your location to get the photoshoot done. If travel isn’t an issue, refer to these locations below.

  1. Scorpion Gulch

Check out this rustic as well as the Western area of Phoenix. It is situated at the base of the South Mountain where the cool stone buildings are loaded with textures and an exceptionalness that can only be found in this very desert. This area has varieties of neat architecture, mountains, cactus, and picturesque Arizona sunsets.

  1. Ahwatukee

This tiny town in Phoenix is next door to Chandler has so much beauty to be bestowed upon your family portraits. Drive through the foothills of this very town and have a look around. There are many picturesque spots that will make a good backdrop for your family portraits. This area has many mountains, hiking paths etc.

  1. Gilbert Riparian Preserve

This spot will serve as an amazing backdrop for your family portraits. It is deemed a famous place by many photographers as it bestows us with green as well as a desert scenery. In the middle of this area has a lack and a bridge with tiny streams, grassy areas and footpaths surrounding the location.

  1. Downtown Phoenix

The downtown is loaded with areas for family, children or the elderly portraits. This location has a cool and urban vibe with loads of architecture and graffiti. Have a closer look and you will seek many historical areas of downtown as well.

  1. Papago Park

Just very next to the Phoenix Zoo, you will find a place called Papago Park which is a famous haunt for family photos. Papago is known for its red rock mountain which is situated right in the middle of the park. If you walk a little further off at the base of the mountains, you will see a lake, palm trees, cactus and much more.

  1. Coon Bluff Campground

This picturesque Phoenix area introduces you to the wilderness. It is full of trees and a path of dirt but a beautiful spot for photo portraits. Salt River runs down via the campground, so, if you are feeling adventurous, get down by the water and add some variety to your shot. Many areas need a little walking. You may also have to pay a little parking fee if shooting at this location.

  1. Manistee Ranch Park

This uber-cool spot in Glendale provides a different backdrop than your typical desert ones. It has a small park which homes many orange orchards, grass and beautiful farm buildings.

So, have you chosen one? Let us know!