The Guide to Buying Action Camera

The camera is something that can help you to keep your memory. That is why everyone wants to have an action camera today. An action camera, on the other hand, is a cool gadget that you should have. For most people, while buying an action camera, the eye on the popular brand. However, searching for the best cheap action camera online, you will come to realize that there are numerous brands that you can choose.

If you are first time buyer, it will be difficult to navigate the action camera market. In this article, there are essential tips that will guide you to get the best action camera at a pocket-friendly cost:

  • Size, Shape, and Weight

While purchasing, you can decide the shape you want. Some of the shapes are convenient to use with some applications more than others.  In most cases, the action cameras are boxed shaped so that they will mount easily on the chest.

When considering the weight and size, it should be lighter. Choose a compact model for portability.

  • Field of View

FOV or field of view is the area that the camera will capture in a given moment. In some cases, the action camera will have a wide angle. Some of the action cameras will allow you to choose wide, medium or narrow.

However, you might not find the field of view of the action camera to be critical to your decision. However, don’t forget that wide-angle footage with action camera will look distorted and also have a fisheye effect.

  • Durability

In case you are planning to use that action camera during all seasons including snow, underwater or rainy time choose one that is weatherproof or waterproof. It is an essential feature that will give you a durable action camera for your work.

For some of these action cameras, they have water-resistant exterior and others will need placement into a waterproof case. Choose an action camera that suits your needs.

  • Video Quality

The other essential feature to check with action camera is the video quality. So, ensure you consider the video resolution from the specific model or brand. Currently, 4K resolution is considered as the highest video quality you can find in the market. It is followed by 1080p and then 720p.

Choose the video resolution depending on what you need like the devices you foresee. Avoid 4k action camera in case you don’t own a 4k TV or computer because it will be pointless.

  • Battery Life

Most action cameras will offer less than three hours of continuous usage of the battery before running out of power. However, it is something that varies with how you use the action camera. Besides, some other connectivity features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or other connecting features when turned on drain the battery fast.

If you plan to use an action camera for high resolution, consider one with longer battery life. However, the action camera will be more expensive than others or lack some features. In case the battery is not the problem, try and choose one that is cost effective and have available spares.