The Benefits of Sharing Your Photos Online for Free

One of the biggest advantages of being a photographer today is being able to share your photos online. You can choose to post them on your website or share them on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. But perhaps the best way to share your photos online is to post them on image-sharing websites like Flickr and Clickasnap.

You may be wondering why free photo sharing is such a huge thing when photographers could be selling their work to earn a living. Well, there are several benefits you can enjoy as a photographer from sharing your photos online for free. They include the following;

  1. You Get Instant Feedback

When you post your photos online, people can give you feedback on the photos instantly by writing a comment on your image. More often than not people will just leave generic comments like “great image” but sometimes the comments can be more detailed. If you are a beginner, this feedback can be invaluable in helping you improve your craft. It is also a great way to find out if there is a market out there for the kind of photography you are interested in.

  1. Creates Opportunities to Be Published

All the images you post online are indexed by search engines like Google. It is therefore possible that authors and publishers can find your photo interesting and make you an offer. Posting the images in an image sharing website as opposed to your own website or Facebook can greatly increase the chances that a publisher will find your photo. You photo could be used in book covers or even album covers.

  1. A Great Backup Source

Having multiple copies of your photos in multiple sources can be a great way to ensure the safety of the images. This way, if you ever lose the copies on your hard drive, you can very easily get them by simply downloading the ones uploaded online.

As great as posing images online is, there is also the real possibility that your photos could end up stolen. It is not uncommon to find websites that use your photos without your permission. So, even as you take advantage of the numerous benefits of posting images online, you want to ensure your work is protected. Some of the best ways to do that include the following;

Check the photo sharing website’s policy on how users can download the images on the website. Do they allow users to download images? Do they have protective measures to keep users from downloading images without permission?

  • Read through the license agreements to ensure you are not losing the rights to your simply by posting the image.
  • Ensure that the images you post online are registered under copyright laws to ensure that you are protected in case someone steals your images.
  • If you feel uncomfortable with other people downloading the images, upload a low resolution version of the image they are less desirable.