How to Evaluate the Effectiveness of a Training Video

Studies have discovered that expertly created training videos provide faster training, high usage, versatility and much more consistently trained staff.

Choosing the correct video tutorial producer is very vital that you the prosperity of your video tutorial.

Video production houses frequently perform a full variety of video production services from television ads, filming workshops and live occasions, producing corporate videos and training videos. They may be broken into three groups – advertising commercial, live corporates or instructional-design producers.

For many training situations, instructional-design producer-authors are perfect for producing video enhanced workout sessions. These producers also possess greater expertise when controling detailed training materials.

The easiest method to assess if the video tutorial clients are producing training videos from your instructional design perspective would be to review the work they do and get the next questions:


Is the amount of information clear to see? Would a college age student have the ability to easily keep the messages?

May be the script written in a manner that engages? Or do you experience feeling as so if you are told to behave with a bossy teacher instead of being proven inside a friendly way?

That which was the interest rate like or even the video? Could it have been perfect, not fast enough or quick?

Was the information presented inside a logical, simple to follow sequence?

Was new material introduced before you decide to could absorb the prior information fully?


Were the job surroundings relevant? Could it have been attempting to be everything for a variety of industries or has it been customized for just one company?

Were the figures and situations proven realistically?

Were the preferred behaviours modeled in a manner that could be copied by employees?

Have there been things happening without anyone’s knowledge which were distracting you against learning (eg: forklift hitting a pole)?

Were aspects of a procedure clearly proven so you could know very well what these were talking about? (eg: when discussing say, a ‘stop’ button on the machine it had been proven, which means you understood what it really looked loved)?

Have there been a lot of effects or graphics that required the interest from the messages, therefore reducing the potency of this program?

Were titles accustomed to reinforce details to allow staff to keep in mind and absorb information?

Should you be an worker of the company how does one experience them? Excited to become employed by them, comfortable concerning the new process or feeling like they just do not worry about their staff?

Were employees tested on their own understanding after watching a relevant video to improve mental effort, therefore improving motivation and comprehension?

By continuing to keep these questions in your mind when reviewing training videos, you’ll be able to rapidly evaluate how effective working out video is going to be being an educational tool.

This will allow you to find the right video production provider instead of developing an worker video tutorial which will finish up getting dusty in your shelf.

In-house training content must be designed in budget and should be interesting, creative and unique all at once. If you need assistance for training video production in Singapore, consider finding an agency that has experience with similar projects and brands.