Decorating a Studio Apartment

Whenever you reside in a studio apartment, you are most likely not necessarily thinking of the house decor. Fortunately, simply because you reside in a studio apartment, does not mean you cannot have beautiful home accessories and decor. Actually, the web is a crucial resource of various decorating ideas, home accessories along with other products which will make your studio apartment feel and look just like a home, not just one room having a bed inside it along with a kitchen facing the wall.


The most crucial part of a properly decorated space would be to de-clutter. Eliminate everything you are not using or have no need for. This is also true of just living inside a tight space, because inside a studio apartment, space reaches an ultra-premium.

That being stated, with studio interior decor, less might be more. Opt simply to keep pieces you actually love, especially with regards to furniture, wall decor along with other home accessories.

Divide the area

Divide in the space according to your everyday activities. For the way large your studio apartment is, this might include developing a living space, a kitchen area area along with a bedroom. Large studio apartments, particularly lofts, might even provide you with sufficient space for getting a diner or a workplace.

When dividing in the space, make sure to include lots of space for storage. Avoid open storage, because this results in a more cluttered look that’s unsuited for small space interior decor.

Multi-purpose Furniture

Multi-purpose furniture is a superb choice for tight urban spaces. Just one furniture piece that works as a desk so that as an evening stand could be a great space saver. You have to furniture for example ottomans that be used as an espresso table, additional seating and a few even offer additional storage.

Use Dividers

A divider doesn’t always mean the particular piece of furniture referred to as a divider screen. However, you should use different furniture products to split the area up accordingly. For instance, for the way large your studio apartment is, you might want to arrange a settee over the space in order that it separates your bedroom from a room.


Don’t skimp around the lighting! Simply because there is a smaller sized living area does not mean you’ll need less lighting. You have to divide your lighting needs: task lighting, general lighting, even decorative or accent lighting.

You should use general lighting for the activities, task lighting for tasks for example studying or writing and lastly, decorative or accent lighting to focus on the area like a bit of paintings or perhaps an architectural aspect of the space.


Finally, you shouldn’t be scared of color! A little space does not need to be restricted to light colors, actually, as lengthy while you keep things minimal with regards to the amount, you should use any color you would like. Bold hues, dark shades, vibrant, vibrant colors-anything.

Bear in mind that “keep things minimal” does not mean getting merely a single accent wall, but it is also construed as getting a monochromatic color plan or perhaps a color scheme that just uses three or fewer colors. Getting greater than three colors can rapidly and simply overwhelm small space interior decor.