Butterflies Like a Wedding Theme

Themed wedding events and receptions are fast gaining recognition among a multitude of couples. This really is really an alternative on classical weddings that have been largely determined by custom or genealogy, and you can develop pretty much any theme idea imaginable. Modern wedding styles could be centred on anything fairytales, garden flowers, Hawaiian beaches, Valentines and cupids or other things! If you’re searching for any theme that is elegant and romantic in addition to unique, think about the more and more popular butterfly wedding theme.

It might appear strange with an insect like a wedding theme – you most likely would not be interested in the thought of theming the wedding following a spider or perhaps a bluebottle, in the end – but butterflies are beautiful creatures. Their wings are frequently brightly coloured and superbly patterned, plus they flutter with the air softly and gracefully, so really they create an excellent symbol for any happy big day in the end! They even be considered a metaphor for that wedding couple emerging using their “cocoon” of engagement as beautiful butterflies in the marriage ceremony, which could be a very romantic image indeed.

So grab a mug of tea along with a comfy chair and visualise this theme: an attractive spring garden full of romantic music in your sunshine-filled big day. The venue is filled with colourful butterfly motifs for that wedding theme on exactly what is seen – wedding flowers, ring pillows, candle lights, tablecloths, napkins and anything else that’ll be there. You could have butterflies in your bridal accessories in addition to individuals of the bridesmaids, and exactly the same signature colours for the wedding dress and maid-matron of honour dresses too. You can also be daring and check out a brief (or perhaps permanent!) butterfly tattoo in henna or ink too.

A butterfly garden can produce a lovely wedding venue and can keep your theme from the wedding running through everything around the special day, as well as your photographs and wedding favours. You could utilize butterfly formed chocolates or biscuits, and have butterfly designs stencilled onto wrappers and boxes for other gifts and accessories. Remember the wedding stationary, as you’ll certainly wish to have a butterfly motif around the invitations too, and even though you do not want (or aren’t able to find) a butterfly formed wedding cake, you will get your cake decorated with icing stencils or perhaps little sugar sculpted butterflies to complement it for your theme.

As you can tell, a butterfly wedding theme is amazingly flexible with lots of scope for your own personel tips on designs, layouts, colours, flowers and all sorts of little finishing touches like candlesticks, placeholder pins as well as little porcelain or very ornaments as mementos for the visitors. You may also get lovely butterfly designs in your wedding balloons! So enable your imagination fly free as being a butterfly and you will soon possess a superbly planned wedding theme that can make your personal day truly memorable and magical.