2 Golden Tips For Wedding Photography And Videography in Sydney

You are going to shoot for the special day in Sydney. Bride and groom will recall all those moments by seeing the photographs you have captured. To make it a day that they will remember for always, you need to work hard. You do not have to leave any stone unturned for the success.

Remember that there is never a next chance. If you are unable to capture the things as they are happening, then you are not fit for the job. You have not completed the task for which they have assigned you. This is the reason why you need to have two cameras at the location. This will save you from embarrassment and you will be able to capture everything happening over there.

Keep the camera stable

You can use glidecam, a shoulder bag slider or a tripod, monopod. You need to switch between your gears smoothly. Tripods are good when you are shooting the ceremony. On the other hand, when you are shooting in a small hotel room and the room is filled with family members, bride’s friends,hairstylists and make-up artist. In this room, you will not find much space to work properly by using your shooting gears. In this situation, you have to use a monopod or glidecam.

Prepare for lowlight situations

If the wedding ceremony is going to held in the evening, then then this reception can be a nightmare for you. Whether you are shooting indoor or outdoor you may face lowlight situations. After serving the dinner, most of the venues minimize the lights so that they can start party. In this situation,Fame Park Studio uses your own lights to ensure that you shoot special moments properly.

Make sure you do not irritate the guests by using your light on their faces. They do not want to be blinded during the party because you are taking photographs. Do not kill their mood and prepare yourself in advance for this lowlight situation. You can take those cameras that can perform better in low light situations.

Wedding day is a special occasion where you can show your creativity in Wedding Photography And Videography.You can pen down all those moments or those styles in which you want to shoot. This will make sure that you do not miss any photograph you want to shoot.

Have fun

Start your day with positive bent of mind. Wedding is a celebration so you need to enjoy every bit of it. Remember that you are the person who will make this special day a memorable one. Stay relaxed so that you can give your best.